Sedat Laciner, director da ONG turca International Strategic Research Organization (USAK – ISRO), analisa no jornal Turkish Weekly a possível entrada da Turquia na União Europeia:

Turkey definitely will have to fulfill the demands of the EU. But the EU should at least meet the basic principles such as pacta sund servanda and being honest. Turkey’s objective since 1959 has been full membership and the EU confirmed this in every agreement. But it failed to take action. For example, according to the documents approved by the EU, the Turks should have been granted the freedom of movement in the EU beginning from the early 1990s. If one checks the statements of the EU on Cyprus in 1994, the Greek Cypriots should have been punished and the Turkish Cypriots should have been saved from isolations. The EU insincerity list can be extended, but there is no need to do that. It might be profitable for Turkey to reassess its EU process as soon as possible.